How to 10x on Twitter by Ish Verduzco

Ish Verduzco
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I've worked in marketing for 8 years at companies including LinkedIn, Snap, and now, a16z.

One year ago I decided that I'd use my personal account as an experiment to put my marketing chops to the test.

I've documented my growth strategy, tips, and frameworks in this playbook.

Here are some of my results (this year):

8k → 80k followers
21,000,000+ impressions
3.5 million profile visits

This playbook will teach you how to 10x your following, conversions, and engagement on Twitter.

“I've spent over 6-figures on paid ads and have worked with a lot of agencies, Ish knows more than most of those agencies combined.”

— Agustín Cortes, CEO of Learkn

Last month's metrics.

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The 10x on Twitter Playbook

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How to 10x on Twitter by Ish Verduzco

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